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Salon 10 Stand A197
ADD Air Shocks and Air Springs are designed specifically for each individual application, built with premium OE quality components including longer-lasting seals, durable air sleeve, high grade steel top mount and clevis, heavy-duty crimping rings, robust dust boot and precision tuned dampers. Ensuring every passengers enjoy perfect driving dynamic...
Shock Absorber - China
ADD Shocks and Struts are uniquely designed for smooth performance, durability and driving stability in all weather conditions.Our shocks and struts are also nitrogen charged to eliminate aeration which improves driving and handling performance extending its service life. A micro-smooth chrome plated piston rod and high-quality oil seal enhance the...
Heavy Duty - China
ADD Heavy Duty Shocks are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications on quality, fitness, and function. We offer leading coverage for HD applications, including trucks, trailers, cabs, buses, commercial and medium duty vehicles, motor homes, and etc. Our Heavy Duty Shocks deliver maximum control, comfort and durability even th...
     ADD Mounts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications on quality,  fit,  and  function.  Our factories  use  only  top  quality components, and manufacture to strict International Standards.
    We use only the highest grade rubber and steel designed for specific applicat...
Motor Mounts - China
ADD Motor Mounts are manufactured of high quality steel and aluminum, and bonded with blended rubber material that is manufactured according to specific measurements based on the vehicle's application requirements. Our Motor Mounts providing better management for engine torque and dampening of excess noises and vibrations. A high quality finish...