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About Us

SystemSoft is an expert software company established in 2012 that produces solutions specific to the automotive industry.

SystemSoft products are used in the majority of spare part companies that have served and are serving in the automotive spare parts market in Turkey.

SystemSoft, which has 20 years of knowledge on automotive spare part software, has worked with automotive spare parts companies and these companies.

has provided and still continues to provide support and service to more than 40,000 automotive spare parts dealers selling their products.

In addition to the B2B, Warehouse Automation, Virtual Pos, E-commerce, Export, Reports products that SystemSoft has produced, its expert team also provides services such as server installation and maintenance services, business intelligence solutions and process management, software development, project management and consultancy. offers its customers.

Being able to speak the same language with the automotive spare parts market, and being able to grasp the requirements and needs very quickly is a reward for our efforts in this sector.

The fact that we, as SystemSoft, work with the leading companies of the sector, is an indicator of how successful we are in software solutions in the field of automotive spare parts. SystemSoft will continue to guide you on the right path with the power it receives from you.

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SYSTEMSOFT you can contact these people for information;
Feyzanur Kuzucu Sales & Marketing - Sales & Marketing
Deniz Pişkin Process Improvement and Optimization - System Analyst
Omar Atia Sales & Marketing - Sales & Marketing
Barış Bayın Sales & Marketing - Sales & Marketing
Ali Can Sezen Project Manager - Project Manager
Hamza Durmaz Sales & Marketing - Sales & Marketing
Sedat Elmas Sales & Marketing - Sales & Marketing
B2B - Turkey
Designed for companies selling spare parts; it is aimed at providing sales and dealership automation. It facilitates the execution and monitoring of operations such as sales and order management, product and inventory management, shipment management, warehouse operation processes, virtual POS and co
B2C - Turkey
Online Spare Parts Sales Have Never Been This Easy..

In this period when internet sales are growing like an avalanche and the automotive industry is opening up to the online market, we make trade more profitable for our customers who want to move their business to e-commerce and grow in this market.

You are in the right place to increase your...
WMS - Turkey
The warehouse management system operates in an integrated manner with the B2B program, allowing all processes to be interconnected, seamless, and fluid. Additionally, it can also be fully integrated with the ERP system used independently in the company from the B2B platform.
BI-Report - Turkey

Our product, which integrates with ERP programs, frees you from the complex structure of software and offers the opportunity to manage reports from different systems you use from a single point.
TecDoc Integration - Turkey
By integrating TecDoc's raw data with our B2B software, we provide you with enriched stock information including vehicle brand, model, submodel details, engine codes, part features, technical data, OEM numbers, and images. We give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to find the required spare part in seconds.