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About Us

2009- Nitro Mekatronik was founded in Adana/Turkey. The first Nitro Team was composed of a handful of technicians, sales representatives. Our first headquarters was in Galeria Business Center where we initially only focused on products for diagnosis of the vehicles.

2014- Slowly but surely, our company began to grow in size and experience. In 2014 and we have started to our first Automotive Electronics project

2015- We were awarded for our effort and we have started to get distributorship from the worldwide official diagnostic tool producer companies in 2015. One step at a time, Nitro began to make a name for itself among the most influential companies in Turkish after market.

2016- Due to the hockey stick growth of our company, we moved our headquarters to Kiza Business Center where our Team expanded in number and experience in 2016. After the 2 years from this movement, we have established a new R&D center at the same Business Center. In our new R&D and Manufacturing Labs, Nitro added Made in Turkey quality craftsmanship to its products.

2018-Subsequently the Ecutest KF-1500 line was born. It started out as a professional device that supported both Trucks and passenger cars ECU’s. By participating in an international fair for the first time in 2018, we launched our Ecutest product to the international market with the Automechanika Dubai fair.

2019- The successful outcome of our Ecutest project encouraged us and we set sail for new projects to meet the needs of the industry in 2019

2020- At the request of our Ecutest users and potential customers, we started structuring training courses that allow us to help attendees with the technical aspects of our products as well as give them a hands-on experience with the tools in 2020.

2020- As a solution for the automotive after market we have released Voltage Regulator Test Device at the first half of 2020. At the second half of the same year, the pandemic couldn't stop us, and we have launched our first green Project DPF Cleaning machine.

2021- With the help of all these Project and our great automotive diagnostic knowledge that we absorbed step by step, in 2021 we have released our Shifter device as transmission test device.

2021- And now we are distributor of Magicmotorsport, Autel, Jaltest, Autovei, Launch, Thinktool, Electromem, Autodata, MSG and Autocom. And as our own production we have Ecutest KF-1500, NM-FT-02 Pneumatic Test Bench, NM-KC-303 Voltage Regulator Test Device, Nitro Canbus Analyser, Shifter TCU Test Device and DPF Cleaning Machine.

2022- As the biggest diagnostic tool seller in Turkey and Middle East, nitro mekatronik continue to offer solutions to the automotive market with our over the 15 years experience, our team over 50 experts and with the help of our wide range of products.

  • • Magicmotorsport - Italy
  • • Autel - China
  • • MSG - Ukraine
  • • Launch - China
  • • Autovei - Lithuania
  • • UAB Dielektrik - Lithuania
  • • Jaltest - Spain
  • • Cojali - Spain
  • • Xtool - Poland
  • • Ioterminal - Lithuania
  • • Dimsport - Italy
  • • Electromem - Italy
  • • Ecutest - Turkey
  • • DPF CleanPro - Turkey
  • • Thinkcar - China
  • • Thinktool - China
  • • Nkaay - China
  • • Carprotool - Poland
  • • CPT - Poland
  • • EV charger - China
  • • ADAS - China
  • • Flex - Italy
  • • VVDI - China
  • • Ecutest - Turkey
  • • DSG tester - Turkey
  • • Texa - Italy
  • • Autodata - United Kingdom
  • • Autocom - Sweden
  • • Nitrometer - China
  • • CGDI - China
  • • FC-200 - China
  • • Kess - Italy
  • • elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu - China
  • • Autotuner - China
  • • Swiftec - Portugal
  • • Adblue - China
  • • Emulator - China
  • • Carlabımmo - Poland
  • • FC200 - China
  • • PCM Tuner - Turkey
  • • Stagex - Italy
  • • Flex Ecu programming tool - Italy
  • • Dynoroad - Italy
  • • ESL Emulator - Turkey
  • • ELV Emulator - Turkey
  • • Immo emulator - Poland
  • • pcmtuner - China
  • • Autotuner - China
  • • Autel ev charger - China
  • • Alientech - Italy
  • • Magicmotorsport - Italy
  • • Flex - Italy
  • • Autel - China
  • • jaltest - Spain
  • • Ioterminal - Lithuania
  • • xtool - Poland
  • • x-tool - Poland
  • • Smok - Poland
  • • Autovei - Lithuania
  • • Launch - China
  • • Thinkcar - China
  • • Thinktool - China
  • • diagcar - Poland
  • • Autodata - United Kingdom
  • • Autocom - Sweden
  • • Nitro Mekatronik - Turkey
  • • Nkaay - China
  • • CGDI - China
  • • Kess - Italy
  • • Kess3 - Italy
  • • Autotuner - China
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NİTRO MEKATRONİK OTOMOTİV you can contact these people for information;
Mehmet ÖZEL International Business - Director of International Business
İlker Kaya Sales and Marketing - Director of Sales
Necati Erdem Nitro Performans - Director of Busines Development
Gökhan Özel Sales and Marketing - Director of System
Yaşar Orhan Sales and Marketing - Director of Marketing
Autel Maxisys Ultra - Turkey
Autel MaxiSys Ultra tablet has accomplished very important and successful works in vehicle diagnostics worldwide.

With the developing automotive industry, Autel company has presented you the Ultra tablet that it has just released.

It is a professional tool produced after MS909 and MS919 models in vehicle troubleshooting and programming.

MaxiSys Ms919 - Turkey
Autel MaxiSys Ms919 tablet has accomplished very important and successful works in vehicle diagnostics worldwide.

With the developing automotive sector, Autel company has presented its newly released MS919 tablet to you.

It is a professional device produced after Elite and MS909 models in vehicle fault detection and programming.

It provide...
Autel MaxiSys MS909 - Turkey
Autel MS909 Features

System topology
Technical Services Bulletin
VCI connection
Bus Protocol DoIP
Bus Protocol CAN FD
Intelligent fault detection process
Select an automated tool
New menu navigation bar
View fault codes (displaying directly immediately after scanning)
Waveform manufacturer
Can bus control
AutelMaxisys Passenger - Turkey
Autel Maxisys Elite is a professional diagnostic tool  that provides vehicle support for more than 90 brands and allows you to perform diagnostic, online programming and service operations on vehicles.

The Elite model is the newest addition to the Maxisys series.

The Elite model, which has the same features as the Autel 908S Pro model, i...
AUTEL Maxisys CV Heavy Vehicle - Turkey
Autel Maxisys CV diagnostic toolis a universal diagnostic tool used in heavy duty trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, tractors, trailers and construction equipment vehicles. 

Designed to access all vehicle brand models with a single tool, the Maxisys CV diagnostic tool is fully compatible with vehicle groups a...
Magicmotorsport Flex - Turkey
Flex exchange kit is a special offer tool for Magpro2 X17 and TCU manager users.

Subscribers using the aforementioned products can have a Flex device by paying only the specified price difference.

In addition, you can customize your Flex device by choosing software packages and accessories according to your needs.

Thanks to the F...
Magicmotorsport Magpro2 X17 Master - Turkey
With the Magpro2 X17 Master ECU programming device, you can read, write and change the information of the engine and transmission control units of the vehicles.

This device, which can communicate with ECUs such as Magpro OBD , Pin tips and BDM, which revolutionizes ECUs such as EDC17, MED17, MEDV17, provides all the possibilities to it...
AUTEL Maxisys 908S Pro - Turkey
Autel 908S Pro Features

Autel supports more than 90 brand models within the 908S Pro.
Online program scavenging and SCN coding operations such as authorized service in Mercedes cars
The ability to program electronic control units (ECU) online in BMW cars and activate the hidden features of the vehicle -Throwing online ...
Magicmotorsport TCU Manager - Turkey
With Magicmotorsport TCU manager master, you can read and write the automatic transmission ecu of automatic transmission vehicles manufactured after 2003 .

With this device, which you can do cloning as well as read and write, you can read and write via the OBD socket and the gearbox pin ends.

TCU manager nowadays, you can read and w...
Autel MaxiSYS MS906BT - Turkey
MaxiSYS MS906BT tool is also one of the high-end tool produced by Autel Company is different from the tablets listed above is that it is unable to program and encoding in vehicles.

In addition, it is diagnostic and fault detection in vehicles.

As with other tool, it successfully performs detailed Fault Detection operations on vehicl...
AUTEL MaxiSys MS906TS - Turkey

Automatic MaxiSys MS906TS Tpms advanced wireless diagnostic tool integrated with TPMS antenna module 1 year free software update Thanks to the vision of nitro it developmentist, which is the leading company in the sector, Autel has signed another policy by taking the official distributorship of its ...
Magic Motor sport ECU Removal Tool - Turkey
This product is used to simplify the opening procedure on BOSCH ECUs.

It is necessary to use four or six at once, depending on the type of ECU cover. 

These aspirators must be fixed in place of the screws on the ECU and allow the user to remove the cover without damaging or deforming it - our video tutorial demonstrates the c...
Magicmotorsport Wire Antistatic - Turkey
Antistatic, 10mm stud, large fixed fabric wristband with 1.8m wire and 4mm plug for personal safety
AUTEL Maxidas DS808 - Turkey
The Autel Maxidas DS808 Fault detection tool  delivers a higher level of success in diagnostic processing than peer-to-peer tool on the

market. It covers more than 80 U.S., Asian and European vehicles from 1996 to today. With this tool, vehicles are communicated via obdii socket.

With the Autel DS808 with powerful functions, you can...
Magicmotorsport OBD Coupler - Turkey
Magicmotorsport 16 pin obd duplicator enables you to read and write in a healthier way by deactivating the breakbox apparatus,

especially in BMW F series vehicles, by using it during programming.

Cable Length: 30 CM
AUTEL Maxicheck MX808TS - Turkey
Autel Maxicheck MX808TS is a professional tool with which you can do tire pressure sensor coding as well as troubleshooting.

Actions you can do with MX808TS:

TPMS sensor activation, programming, tire pressure sensor introduction and adaptation
Tire pressure troubleshooting
Programming Autel Mx sensors
Re-introducing the screen
AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
It is a fault detection tool that can easily be used in auto appraisers.

The MX808, which supports close to 80 European Asian and American vehicle models, can read and delete the vehicle's fault codes. It can display live data both graphically and analogually.

It can successfully perform service operations such as steering ...
Autel MX Sensor TPMS - Turkey
Autel Mx Sensor

Programmable mx sensors are designed for sensor replacement. It supports 90 percent of North America, European and Asian vehicles.

They work like OE sensors in terms of signal strength and functionality. Thanks to its high precision air valve, it prevents air leakage.

Sturdy clamped swivel shaft design allows 0-35 degree an...
AUTEL MAXI Tpms MX - Turkey
Autel MaxiTpms Pad is a device that can quickly test and program all universal autel mx sensor types . Used with a computer running Windows operating system.

It is easy to use and reduces the workload so you can use your diagnostic tool for more important jobs.

Three Steps to Program the MX-Sensor

Install Maxitpms pad software on...
Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 - Turkey
MaxiTPMS TS408 is a programming device that activates all tpms sensors and reads the sensor's id pressure, temperature and battery status .

TS408 is a successful device for tpms service operations with its large color screen and updated software. 

The device can activate all tpms sensors when you select the correct vehicle ...
Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 - Turkey
MaxiTPMS TS508 is a new generation Tpms diagnostic and service tool.

This device activates the sensors, reads the sensor status, checks the tpms system failure status, provides programming and adaptation of the sensors.

 The device has two service modes, you can save time and energy with these mode options.

Quick Mode: Used to co...
Magicmotorsport resistor set - Turkey
Stock Code: MAGP0.5.1

BOOT resistor set

33/100 / 1kOhm - 4 x 33ohm

- 4 x 100 ohm

- 4 x 1kohm
AUTEL Maxi TPMS TS608 - Turkey
With the TS608 tyre pressure sensor identi????cation tool, you can perform TPMS operations as well as service reset and fault detection.

With the TPMS TS608, you can perform your TPMS operations professionally without the need for a separate apartment for pairing and encoding.

So tpms functions and universal fault detection tool tog...
Magicmotorsport AC Adapter - Turkey
Stock Code: MAGP1.21

100-240V / 1.8A 50-60hZ OUTPUT: 14V 5A

Compatible with MAGPro2 tools.
AUTEL Maxi IM508 - Turkey
Autel Maxi IM508 is a fast, easy to use and ultra portable key programming device.

 Android-based touch screen tablet has powerful quad-core processor, intuitive design and simple interface.

The modules can be screwed quickly across the brands and models on the market.

The IM508 is the perfect solution for shops and technicians who de...
AUTEL IM608 PRO - Turkey
AUTEL IM608 PRO Key Coding Device


Autel IM608 Pro has 10.1 inch Android touch table.

IM608 Pro can do tablet, immobilizer pins and password directly from the vehicle. It can be obtained by hand and stored for reuse.

IM608 Pro is also an advanced device with AutoVIN and AutoSCAN technology to automatically source the tool and ...
Magicmotorsport Large round faston Pin - Turkey
Large round faston adapters for breakbox color coded harness - 6pz set for TCU
AUTEL Im608 PRO, Im508 and XP400 - Turkey
Powerful IMMO Functions

Auto Detect Make/Model/Year/System
Read PIN (All Key Lost)
Key Learning
IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption
IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding
Remote Learning
AUDI Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017 Key Learning
VW MQB Key Learning
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption
BMW CAS4 Key Learning and Adaption
Mercedes Key Learning
2015-2018 ...
Magicmotorsport Breakbox v2 - Turkey
Allows connection between ECU connector and Breakbox v2 interface.
AUTEL XP400 PRO - Turkey
XP400 PRO Key and Chip Programmer


Compatible with IM508 and IM608, XP400 Pro key and chip programmer is a device that can easily perform key reading, writing and more of vehicles.


XP400Pro enables programming of infrared switches for Mercedes vehicles and IC Chip switches for the latest Hyundai KIA vehicles.


Professional carrying case for the Flex device

The Flex carrying case is designed to provide more elegance and professionalism to the latest Flex device by Magicmotorsport.

Thanks to its unique design, usefulness and protection system, it will provide you and your work more excellence.

Ergonomic handle
Suitable coatings for Flex ...
G-Box 2 Mercedes Benz Equipment For IM608 Device - Turkey
Autel G-Box Accessory Tool

To use with both the Autel MaxiIM IM608 and Auro IM600. The Autel G-Box is designed to be used on Mercedez-Benz vehicles with DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS in AKL. It helps to reduce the time for reading the ECU data from W204 and W207 EISs by over 85%.
The G-BOX2 realizes fast mode on vehicle and bench whe...
Magicmotorsport FLEXible Bench - Turkey
Universal MAGBench V3 with Magicmotorsport quality is with you:

Expand your horizons with a new accessory for your workplace. Reduce your unnecessary workload.

Thanks to this product developed by Magicmotorsport , you can easily perform your operations on the bench without the need for soldering into the ecu with which you process s...
Magicmotorsport MPC5xx Delphi - Turkey
MAG Workbench - MPC5xx Delphi DCM adapter
Magicmotorsport Toyota K-Line - Turkey
Special cable with key required to work with MAGPro2 x17 tool on K-Line versions of Toyota / Lexus / Scion / Hino Denso 896xx ECUs.
MagicCHARGER 100 CNT - Turkey

Professional multifunction power supply MagicCHARGER 100 CNT with inverter technology is designed to support the charging of vehicle batteries during diagnosis and / or programming.

The power supply guarantees a suitable charge quality even for maintenance of the most advanced battery models.

FLEXBox FLX2.14 OBD- HDB 44 - Turkey
 To this cable, users of Magicmotorsport Flex product will be able to connect and use diagnostic devices via the OBD socket without the need to connect to the vehicle with FLX1.9 Bench mode, and at the same time, they will be able to activate other modules that are not active in FLX1.9 Bench mode.

By connecting the FLX2.14 cable, you can co...
Magicmotorsport StageX Chip Tuning - Turkey
Magicmotorsport StageX Chip Tuning Editing Platform

StageX Software Editing Program is a platform that you can edit professional Tuning and Solution maps developed by Magicmotorsport.

With StageX, you can perform Dpf, Egr, Adblue, Speed ​​Limit and Tuning operations and rearrange vehicle maps.

Map Pack

Detects and identifies maps of...
Magicmotorsport Flex Slave - Turkey
You can reprogram the engine and transmission control units of many vehicles, thanks to the Flex programming device developed by Magicmotorsport firm.

Magicmotorsport, which makes revolutionary moves in the chip tuning sector with its fast updates and software protection, will be able to easily communicate with new generation vehicles ...
JALTEST Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
Jaltest diagnostic tool are manufactured by Cojali, a Spain-based company.

Jaltest diagnostic tool can be used in different types of vehicles, heavy vehicles, trucks, tractors, buses, work machines, trailers, tow trucks, boats, ships, yachts, cranes and vans.

Thanks to the Jaltest ETM module, it allows the testing of EBS modules.
Light Commercial Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
With the wide protocol list and brand list supported by Jaltest Van-Pickup , you can perform operations without any problems, except for reading and deleting fault codes.

It is possible to use the Jaltest tool, which has a completely Turkish interface, as a Van-Pickup fault detection tool.

With this Jaltest diagnostic tool that you ...
JALTEST BUS Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
It is possible to use service quality with the Jaltest bus diagnostic tool, which combines more than one bus brand .

Mercedes-Benz, Man, Neoplan, Temsa, Otokar, Solaris, Setra, Bmc , Isuzu etc. With the Jaltest Bus Diagnostic Tool, which supports 49 brands in total, you can carry out your transactions with continuous innovations.

Your op...
Jaltest Trailer - Turkey
altest Trailer Diagnostic Tool 

Trailer fault detection tool with Jaltest as possible to look through a single interface to all brands.
Work Machine Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
It is a diagnostic tool with a very wide coverage in different electronic systems in commercial vehicles.Jaltest equipment package; It includes fixed generator test tool, street sweeper tester and construction machine tester.Jaltest equipment package; It allows you to perform diagnostics on all work machines such as Catterpillar, Fiat Kobelco,Hidro...
Jaltest Ractor, Harvester Tools Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
It is a very wide range breakdown tool in different electronic systems in commercial vehicles.

Jaltest equipment package; Includes self-stationary generator tester, street sweeper tester and backhoe tester.

Jaltest equipment package; It allows you to perform diagnostic procedures on all agricultural vehicles including John Deere, Krone, ...
Jaltest Marine Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
With the Jaltest diagnostic tool, it is possible to get full support for marine engines' fault detection tool. With its easy to use, you can perform all functions smoothly.
Heavy Vehicle Fault Detector - Turkey
Jaltest Heavy Vehicle Diagnostics

Jaltest fault detection tool is the most ideal tool to diagnose heavy vehicles.

It is a diagnostic tool with a very wide coverage in different electronic systems in commercial vehicles.

With the Jaltest truck package;

Fault detection
Activating the components
Viewing parameters
Jaltest ETM Trailer Trailer Modulator Tester - Turkey
altest Electronic test module ( ED ) is a unit that enables us to test the sensors on vehicles, communicate with sensors as a control unit, and find out where the problem is coming from if there is a problem.

You can perform tests of brake modules with the Etm tester.

It is an additional module that you can perform module calibratio...
Jaltest- PTE Trailer Mobile Device - Turkey
Jaltest PTE (Portable Trailer e-Supply) is a mobile device designed to check the power supply and the signals that are transferred between the tractor head and the towed vehicle, such as lighting, indicator lamps, and CAN communication.


It has two operating modes, depending on whether check is required in the tractor head or in the tow...
Jaltest SST (Speed Sensor Tester) - Turkey
The Jaltest SST (Speed Sensor Tester) is the new device in the Jaltest Tools workshop equipment series, designed to check whether active and passive speed sensors are working correctly.

Through to the lighting panel of the LED devices, the user can easily detect possible errors without the need for difficult and complex tests.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - Turkey
Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine maintains emission values in DPFs of Euro 4, 5 and 6, passenger, light commercial and heavy vehicles, all brands and models. It provides smooth and easy particle filter cleaning at a rate close to 100%.

The diesel particle filter (DPF) is the filter that reduces the emissions of diesel vehicles, prevent...
Ecutest KF-1500 ECU Test - Turkey
The purpose of the Ecutest device; In the event that the electronic control units (ECU) used in the engines of the cars, fail, to repair the control unit in an original way without damaging any parameters on the vehicle, to reduce the repair costs and to test the control units without a vehicle on the table.

Nitro Mekatronik ...
NM FT-01 Brake Test Simulator - Turkey
NM FT-01 brake test simulator is an ergonomic and optional device designed to allow testing of brake modulators (Wabco, Knorr, Haldex) in heavy vehicles without being mounted on the vehicle.

NM FT-01 Brake Test Simulator provides test results after heavy vehicle brake modulators are repaired, without the assembly on the vehicle. Without testing ...
Nitrometer Paint Meter - Turkey

The Nitrometer Paint Meter is the most advanced paint measuring device in the paint measurement industry and has a margin of error of 1% in my paint measurement.

With this product, you can have the final information about the bodywork and paint condition of the vehicle.

The nitrometer paint meter has the ability to measure co...
Can Bus Analyzer Listening Device - Turkey
Can Bus Analyzer is a simple CAN bus analyzer to use.

The CAN Bus Analyzer supports CAN 2.0b and ISO 11898-2 (high speed CAN with transmission speeds up to 1Mbit/s). You can listen to the signal and record on the CAN line with these protocols.

There are 2 outputs on the device that can be connected to the CAN line.


Nitro Mekatronik Can Bus Analyzer Listening Device - Turkey
Can Bus Analyzer is a simple CAN bus analyzer to use.

The CAN Bus Analyzer supports CAN 2.0b and ISO 11898-2 (high speed CAN with transmission speeds up to 1Mbit/s). You can listen to the signal and record on the CAN line with these protocols.

There are 2 outputs on the device that can be connected to the CAN line.


Renault ESL / ELV Column - Turkey
Renault ESL / ELV Emulator, produced by Nitro Mechatronics, can operate on most Renault vehicles.

To use the Renault ESL / ELV Emulator, it does not need any calibration process between the vehicle and the emulator.

For the use of the emulator, it is sufficient to make connections with the tool only. With the connections made, you can make yo...
Crafter ELV ESL Steering Column - Turkey
With this emulator, you can easily repair ELV Steering Column Lock, which is one of the common problems in Volkswagen Crafter vehicles. ELV is a self-occurring mechanical failure in the Steering Column Lock. The occurrence of the fault does not depend on any fault.

In case of malfunction, even if there is no problem in the vehicle key, the worki...
Volvo ESL ELV SCL Steering Column - Turkey
Thanks to this emulator, you can easily repair ELV Steering Column Lock, which is one of the common problems in Volvo V40-S60-S80-xc60 vehicles. ELV is a self-occurring mechanical failure in the Steering Column Lock. The occurrence of the fault does not depend on any fault.

In case of malfunction, even if there is no problem in the vehicle key, ...
Nissan Renault Steering Column - Turkey
Nissan Renault ESL ELV SCL Steering Column Lock Emulator

With the Nissan / Renault ESL ELV SCL Steering Column Lock Emulator, you can easily repair the ELV Steering Column Lock, which is one of the common problems in Renault TALISMAN - MEGANE 4 - KADJAR and Nissan X-TRAIL - QASHQAI - JUKE - MICRA vehicles. ELV Steering Column Lock failure is a m...
Launch X431 V+ - Turkey
This is the Global  of the Launch diagnostic tools. İt can work with HDIII module to test 24V trucks. It has  2 years Free update and support over the 24 languages. Additionally this Professional diagnostic tool can perform ECU coding & Active Test.

ECU Coding

Able to perform reprograming adaptive data for vehicle con...
X-431 Pros Mini - Turkey
X-431 PROS MINI V3.0 is a universal diagnostic device independently developed by Launch. It has many advantages of X-431 PRO series, such as strong diagnostic functions, wide vehicle coverage, accurate test data and realizing diagnosis for almost all car series.

Pros mini also supports the diagnostic functions such as Read DTCs, Clear DTCs,...
Launch X-431 Pros V Global Version - Turkey
Launch X-431 Pros V diagnostic device is a professional diagnostic device with support for more than 100 brands, capable of performing all diagnostic operations, as well as online coding.

This device has J2534 programming, VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche online coding functions. Launch X-431 Pros V has J2534, DoIP, and Can FD protocols and more than 3...
Launch X-431 Pro 5 Diagnostic Device - Turkey
Launch X-431 Pro 5 diagnostic device is a professional diagnostic tool that supports more than 100 brands, has online coding function as well as all diagnostic processes.

The device has J2534 programming, VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche online coding functions are available. Launch X-431 Pro 5 diagnostic device has J2534, DoIP, and Can FD protocols an...
Autel APB112 - Turkey
The APB112 smart key simulator is used to collect the data sent from the ignition coil, aiming to identify the ignition coil troubles and decode the data of the vehicle key chip. It can also simulate the vehicle key chip. Currently, it supports to simulate the 4D type chip. More key chip types will be supported with future upgrades

Main Features...
AUTEL Autolink AL301 - Turkey
Diagnostics are easily performed with the Autolink AL301 fault detection tool specially designed by Autel, which is mostly addressed to masters who want to find the fault of their vehicle or repair maintenance in the automotive sector.

When the fault lamp of your vehicle turns on, you can easily clear the fault.

This tool  is als...
AUTEL AutoLink AL529HD - Turkey
Autel Autolink AL529HD is the latest member of Autel 's family of tool that read diagnostic codes in vehicles.

It is not only an OBD2 - EOBD compliant tool , but also supports heavy vehicles using SAE-J1939 and SAE-J1708 protocols. With Autel Autolink AL529HD , you can easily diagnose vehicles in heavy duty t...
AUTEL MaxiDiag Md808 Pro - Turkey
Autel The MD808 Pro is a convenient portable bag that you can easily carry with you without the need for any laptop or tablet.

Unlike other tool, it is a hand terminal, not a tablet. It gets its energy through the Obd socket. It provides access to all models on the market and successfully detects failures.

The tool does not have an ...
Autel MaxiAp AP200 - Turkey
Autel MaxiAp AP200 model is a fast and professional diagnostic tool that can be installed on phones with Android or Ios operating system and that you can instantly communicate with the vehicle and diagnose vehicles.

This system, which works with the MaxiAP200 application, communicates between your tool and the tool ...
AUTEL MaxiVideo MV105 - Turkey
The Autel Maxivideo MV105 Videoscope model is a display tool used to display blind spots on parts that are difficult to see in vehicles, also called snake cameras.

The Autel Maxivideo MV105 Videoscope model is a display tool used to display blind spots on parts that are difficult to see in vehicles, also called snake cameras.

Autel ...
AUTEL MaxiVideo Mv108 - Turkey
Autel Maxivideo MV108 Videoscope model is an imaging tool used to view parts that are difficult to see in vehicles, blind spots, in other words, it is a snake camera.


It works fully compatible with Autel Maxisys 908S Pro or Elite, or software installed on your computer. You can use your Maxisys tablet or computer as a display tool.

Autel Maxivideo MV480 - Turkey
The Maxivideo MV480 Digital Videoscope is a professional imaging tool with a display from which it is used to display parts that are difficult to see in vehicles. 

The Autel Maxivideo MV480 Digital Videoscope is a self-display professional imaging tool used to display parts that are difficult to see in vehicles.

The MV480 Video...
Autel Maxiscope MP408 - Turkey
The Autel Maxiscope Mp408 is a 4-channel oscilloscope used to measure electronic components and circuits on the vehicle.

Powered by a PC and Autel tablet, the MP408 is powered by USB, regardless of any power adapter.

Autel Maxiscope MP408 Vehicle Oscilloscope pcs

The Autel Maxiscope Mp408 is a 4-channel oscilloscope used to measu...
AUTEL BT608 - Turkey
Bt608 Battery Tester is a professional Battery Tester developed by Autel to determine the actual life of the battery, accurately analyze cold cranking power and spare capacity. BT608 has a touch screen and allows you to analyze the battery and electrical system in detail.

With BT608, you can quickly view the status of the current b...
Autel Mx808 - Turkey
Original OBD cable compatible with Autel Mx808 diagnostic tool.
Autel Can Fd - Turkey


It is the cable you need to connect vehicles with CAN-FD protocol, including MY2020 GM vehicles.
Works with all Autel produced VCIs (MaxiFlash Elite-J2534; VCI; VCI-Mini, VCMI, Maxiflash VCI)


It cannot work with AP200
CG FC200 ECU - Turkey
The CG FC200 ECU programming tool is a comprehensive ECU programming device that covers 80 percent of the vehicles on the market and supports 4200 ECU types.

Product Details:

Supports OBD and Bench mode for 98 percent of ECUs. Thus, you do not need to open the ECU.
With the 'Intelligent Recognition' feature on the devic...
Alientech KESS 3 ECU Programming Tool - Turkey
KESS v3 ECU Programming Device

Kess v3 is a state-of-the-art ECU programming device produced by Alientech company, which has made a name for itself in the chiptuning field.

KESS v3 has been developed for everyone, from speed enthusiasts to expert technicians, to easily adjust ECU and TCU settings. Thanks to its high performance, flexible and ...
Autel Adas MA600 - Turkey
ADAS (Advanced Driver Support System) is a system designed to warn the driver in emergency and dangerous situations and to prevent accidents.

After a vehicle is repaired, the entire sensor system must be recalibrated for the island network to function as original .

Otherwise, this system will malfunction and cause accidents.

Volvo Delphi CemP2 - Turkey
Ioterminal VOLVOCEMLIC000001 has been developed with the ecu programming software package for reading and writing the eprom and flash software of Delphi Cem ecu used in Volvo vehicles.


VOLVOCEMLIC000001 Software Package module list and its operations


AUTOCOM Diagnostic Tool - Turkey
What is the AUTOCOM ICON Diagnostic tool?

Autocom ICON diagnostic tool is a diagnostic tool that allows cars to talk to us with the help of CARS software.

And with the autocom Icon diagnostic tool, you can connect, access, scan, read, delete and update vehicle data in all cars today and tomorrow.

The ICON tool enables you to grow your exis...
Autocom Classic Vehicle Diagnostics - Turkey
CLASSIC is a user friendly, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tool. With a comprehensive database, you have the opportunity to read and erase fault codes and turn off the service light on both old and new vehicles. After several years on the market, the construction of CLASSIC is stable, the design is timeless and it is a very reliable diagnostic too...
Autocom TITAN Vehicle Diagnostics - Turkey
Professional diagnostics for heavy vehicles Features & benefits TITAN is a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as a link between vehicle and computer. It works on both old and new vehicles. Simply connect TITAN to the diagnostic socket in the vehicle and it will communicate wirelessly with the diagnostic software installed on your PC. Th...
Autel Maxicharger - Turkey
Maxicharger AC Wallbox is an electric vehicle charger produced by Autel, which is very successful in terms of price and performance.

Combining innovative technology and great design in one device, Autel allows us to easily charge electric vehicles.

The Maxicharger AC Wallbox electric vehicle charger is an extremely useful charging unit that c...
AUTEL 12 + 8 - Turkey
Autel Cable: Autel MaxiSys MS908 MaxiSys MS906 The 12 + 8 Pin cable designed for the MaxiCOM MK906 / MINI MS905 gives more successful results than its competitors with its design and quality.

Functions: Autel 12 + 8 Pin Cable connector is used with MaxiSys fault detection devices to perform fault detection on vehicles such as Fiat, Chr...
Autel Toyota H - Turkey
Used for programming of Toyota / Lexus / Scion 8A bladed keys

No need to disassemble or replace immobilizer in All Keys Lost situation

Supports Toyota Camry, RAV4, Prius, Highlander, Tacoma, Sienna, Levinn  8A mechanical key (non-smart key) all keys lost programming

Note requires Autel IM508 or IM608  wit...
Autel BMW Ethernet - Turkey
Autel Maxi these cables can be used in conjunction with, and Auron Im608 Im600 devices, the BMW F-Series vehicles in the modules in the vehicle after making key programming  synchronization must be done.

This process is done online. BMW F Autel purpose of the Ethernet cable, Autel Maxi Im608, Auron Im600 your device or tool does not provide...
Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 - Turkey

You can see the wear of your brake disc without having to remove the wheel on the vehicle.

TBE200 has Amoled super retina touch screen and shows you the data you measure in real time.

With this device, it gives you suggestions about what to do by showing your tire checks, wear analysis and this data in detail.

In additio...
AUTEL XP400 Immo - Turkey
The Autel XP400 Kit is compatible with Autel Maxi IM508 and Auro Im100 devices.

With Autel XP400 Device, your Im508 and Im100 devices will have functions that can perform advanced immobilizer operations of Autel Maxi Im608 and Auro Im600 devices.

These functions are listed below.

Advanced Immobilizer Functions;

Intelligent Mode (Guid...
Autel MaxiBAS BT609 - Turkey
Autel MaxiBAS BT609 wireless battery and diagnostic system applies Adaptive Conductance, a battery analysis method developed to provide a more accurate study of the battery's cold cranking capability and reserve capacity, which is of great importance for determining the condition of the battery.

The 7-inch Android touchpad can quickly displa...
Autel’s Battery Tester Accessory Kit (BTAK) includes the DM100 Digital Multimeter 400A Current Clamp, Probes and Leads.


Used with Autel’s MaxiBAS BT608 and BT609 Battery Analysis tools, the BTAK enables technicians to safely and easily troubleshoot vehicle electrical systems and components.


Autel 908 OBD - Turkey
Product Details

Model Name:

Autel 908 Obd Cable

Item Length:


Material type:


Item Weight:


Item Width:

AUTEL NON Obd - Turkey
Autel Ultra Oscilloscope - Turkey

65A AC/DC Current Clamp
650A AC/DC Current Clamp
Plug-in Probe Coil
HT Extension Cable (2 pcs)
Battery Clip (2 pcs)
Blow Molded Carrying Case

Autel Oscilloscope Accessory Kit Compatible with MaxiSys Ultra and MaxiSys MS919.
AUTEL MAXİSYS 906 Pro - Turkey
What is Autel Maxisys 906 Pro Diagnostic Device?

The MaxiSys MS906 diagnostic device is a comprehensive diagnostic device produced by Autel.

What are the Autel Maxisys 906 Diagnostic Device Tablet Features?

    Extremely powerful Samsung Exynos Hexa-core processor
    8.0” 1024x768 LED-backlit bright Multi-To...
AUTEL Maxisys MS906S - Turkey
What is Autel MaxiSYS MS906S Diagnostic Tool?

Autel MaxiSYS MS906S Diagnostic Tool is an Android-based advanced diagnostic tablet with 8 inch touch screen powered by a hexa-core processor.

It has 64GB memory and easier OBDII port, VCI Mini with Bluetooth.

The MS906S has advanced diagnostics, including active tests and bidirectional checks....
Ats100 - Turkey
AUTEL ATS100 Turn Warning Assistant

AUTEL ATS100 Turn Warning Assistant The Autel ATS100 is a turn aid system specially designed for heavy-duty vehicles, capable of recognizing nearby vehicles with accurate target detection.


AUTEL ATS100 Turn Warning Assistant

AUTEL ATS100 Turn Warning Assistant The Autel ATS100 is a turn ai...
AUTEL MaxiBAS BT506 - Turkey
The MaxiBAS BT506 device is a device for analyzing the battery system, for properly examining the battery's cold starting capability and reserve capacity.

It is very important to find out the true health of the battery because if the battery fails or dies, the vehicle may be stranded on the road.

The BT 506 battery analyzer allows us to s...
BMW ICOM A3 NextCOM - Turkey
The BMW Icom A3 diagnostic tool is the latest generation vehicle diagnostic tool produced for BMW and Mini vehicles. It allows you to professionally diagnose and perform all module programming on new model BMW and mini vehicles.

The Icom A3 tool supports BMW, MINI, ROLLS - ROYCE service software and provides faster and professional solutions for...
FORD VCM3 - Turkey
Ford VCM 3 is a service tool that you can connect to Ford brand Gasoline, Diesel and All Cars. It allows you to trade on all models produced since 1996. Ford VCM 3 includes:

It gives successful results in OEM Diagnosis and Programming processes.
VCM 3 Hardware Kit includes Wired and Wireless support.
2 Year Hardware Warranty

Ford Vcm2 - Turkey
Ford Vcm2 Diagnostic Tool OBD Cable

16 Pin - Compatible with all Ford VCM2 Diagnostic Tools
Mercedes SD Connect C4 - Turkey
What is a Mercedes Diagnostic Tool?

It is a fault detection tool manufactured for Mercedes’s passenger, light commercial, heavy vehicles and buses.

With this tool , you can interfere with all motor vehicles produced by Mercedes (Smart, Fuso, Maybach, Setra, Cobus, Photon Daimler And Bharat Benz).

What ca...
Mercedes C5 SD Connect - Turkey
What is the Mercedes Sd Connect C5 Diagnostic Tool?

Mercedes Diagnostic Tool C5; It is a Comprehensive Fault Detection tool used in Mercedes Benz Special and Authorized services, Passenger Cars, Light Commercial, Heavy Vehicles.

Where is Mercedes Diagnostic Tool Used?

Mercedes Diagnostic Tool C5; It is the best diagnostic tool used in Euro...
Ford IDS- Vcm2 - Turkey
Ford IDS Vcm2 Diagnostic Tool

VCM2 is the original diagnostic tool used in Ford authorized services. It allows you to make detailed diagnostics and programming on vehicles.

You can also enter Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles using Ford engine with the Vcm2 diagnostic tool and perform all active tests.

With Ford Vcm2 Diagnostic Tool, key codi...
LOKI TESLA Electric Vehicle - Turkey

LOKI has a complete set of functions necessary for repair and maintenance of Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3

Provides diagnostic access to the central computer (CID, IC), utility functions of vehicle ECUs, settings, calibration, updates, error codes reading, analyzing, and erasing;
Is easy to inst...
Mangoose - Turkey
Mangoose Jaguar Land Rover JLR SDD VOLVO VIDA Toyota TIS  Diagnostic Tool 

Mangoose diagnostic tool is a universal diagnostic tool developed for you to use Volvo VIDA, Jaguar, Land Rover, JLR SDD and Toyota Tis Techstream software together.

Mangoose diagnostic tool is a universal diagnostic tool developed for you to use Volvo V...
VOLVO Vocom - Turkey
What is the Heavy Vehicle Volvo Vocom Diagnostic Tool?

The Volvo Vocom diagnostic tool is a diagnostic tool designed to provide full authorization access for Volvo and Renault Heavy vehicles .

What Can You Do With the Volvo Vocom Diagnostic Tool?

Even in the new EURO 6 vehicle series, it allows you to fully perform operation...
Volvo Vocom 2 Heavy Vehicle - Turkey
What is the Heavy Vehicle Volvo Vocom 2 Diagnostic Tool?

Volvo Vocom Diagnostic Tool is a diagnostic tool  that can be connected to new generation and old generation vehicles equipped with full authorization with J1708 / J1939 protocols produced for Volvo and Renault heavy vehicles.

What Can You Do With the Volvo Vocom 2 Diagnostic ...
Opel GM MDI - Turkey
GM MDI - Opel Diagnostic Tool

Opel diagnostic tool, Opel Gm Mdi Diagnostic Tool is a diagnostic tool used in Opel authorized and private services.

It allows you to make detailed diagnostics on vehicles. Used with Global TIS, GDS 2 and Tech 2 software, Opel G MDI allows you to perform all programming, adaptation and calibration processes as we...
Opel Gm Mdi 2 - Turkey

MDI 2 diagnostic tool used in Opel special and authorized services allows you to perform detailed diagnostics and service operations in Opel and Chevrolet vehicles.

MDI 2 diagnostic tool used in Opel special and authorized services allows you to perform detailed diagnostics and service operatio...
Opel Gm Mdi 2 Wifi - Turkey

MDI 2 Wifi diagnostic tool used in Opel special and authorized services allows you to perform detailed diagnostics and service operations in Opel and Chevrolet vehicles.

With Opel GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool;

●       Automatic recognition on vehicles

PCM TUNER - Turkey
PCMtuner was founded in 2013. A group of senior Tuner team put forward ideas. Through our software system, BENCH, OBD, BOOT can read and write engine and gearbox data.

We can not only give you technical support in reading and writing data, but also We can give better technical support in tuning, because we were born in the tuner team, we can bet...